Artist Bruce works by the principle, never paint where you haven’t been & never paint what you cannot feel. A lifetime of fishing & the bush has instilled a love of outdoors. Bruce’s paintings reveal the natural beauty of Australia, a preferred subject of his paintings but increasingly looking within the subject seeking out stories. He paints Traditional Realism; continues to look at new frontiers while paying homage to his learned images of Australia, the sea, the city & his beloved landscapes. His direction is increasingly that of storyteller with mood, atmosphere & the eternal pursuit of light.

Largely self-taught since picking up a brush in 2002. Bruce will forever be indebted to his early days & professional workshops with world renowned Australian based artists. “I immersed myself into learning workshops over a period of years with the outstanding world-renowned tutor Robert Wade OAM, a wonderful platform for my development. Over the next period I completed insightful workshops with Robert Lovett, Greg Allen, David Taylor, & Alvaro Castagnet.(Paraguay). A “finishing school” of workshops with the amazing Joseph Zbukvic (Australia) led me to a more professional & singular direction of what I am today. Regular attendee at Artscene Bathurst University, it has also set me on a path to achieve & share this wonderful medium. It has been a very rich heritage to widen one’s horizons, simply opening my eyes to what was possible”. Bruce is a prize-winning artist, teacher, exhibitor & increasingly sought after for commissions, workshops & as demonstrator of watercolour fine art.

Demonstrating watercolour at The Met Gallery on Highfields.

Awards – Recent major winning posts only shown. A further list of awards & placings is available upon request

  • 2018 –    Toowoomba Royal Show – 1st prize Watercolour
  • 2019 –    Toowoomba Royal Show – 1st prize Landscapes/Seascapes Any Medium


  • 2008 – Gold Coast – 30 pieces
  • 2009 – Gold Coast – 72 pieces
  • 2010 – Yamba – 12 pieces (this was a joint exhibition)
  • 2013 – Invited & confirmed a contributor to the World Wide Art Book 2013
  • 2014 – Gold Coast – 60 pieces
  • 2015 – Toowoomba – 36 pieces * 2015 – Gold Coast – 54 pieces
  • 2016 – Gold Coast – 20 pieces (another joint exhibition)
  • 2016 – Toowoomba – 40 pieces
  • 2016 – Finalist Stanthorpe Art Prize
  • 2017 – Gold Coast – 30 pieces
  • 2017 – Toowoomba – Feature Artist STYLE magazine
  • 2018 – Featured artist – MET Gallery
  • 2019 – Toowoomba – 33 pieces

Says Bruce, “I was a late bloomer and now there is never enough time to paint. There is a momentum, a time when all factors fall into place & I am excited about my permanent move to Toowoomba heartland, the exposure to new galleries & new exhibitions; the time to emerge as an artist in the ever-changing region.”  Art talks to those who listen. “Now nestled in Toowoomba heartland with a spacious Kleinton studio & a relaxed lifestyle; half urban, half country. A perfect base for travel to all points of the compass and a perfect hub for my homely art studio.  Bruce has works on display in Toowoomba’s Met Gallery, Tweed Ultima at Tweed Heads, some local GC eateries & Watling Art Services, Burleigh Heads. Bruce is a prize-winning artist, teacher, exhibitor & increasingly sought after for commissions, workshops & as demonstrator of watercolour fine art. See website for a selection of works.

Contact direct for exhibitions, workshops, teaching & commissions